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If 2020 couldn’t get any weirder for me a Kevin James starring movie is one of my favorite movies of the year, it features a tour-de-force performance from Kevin James, Joel McHale and Lulu Wilson gives one of the best teen performances in movies of all time! It’s ferociously relentless! I hope all of our readers have an open mind when it comes out because Kevin James absolutely crushes it!

Lulu Wilson, Kevin James, Amanda Brugel, Robert Maillet and Joel McHale

Directed By:
Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott

Written By:
Nick Morris and Ruckus Skye & Lane Skye

Spunky and rebellious, Becky (Lulu Wilson) is brought to a weekend getaway at a lake house by her father Jeff (Joel McHale) in an effort to try to reconnect. The trip immediately takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts on the run, led by the merciless Dominick (Kevin James), suddenly invade the lake house.

Witches in The Woods Review

Witches in the Woods is a new horror movie released by Shout! Factory. While it’s not necessarily a great movie it’s definitely an entertaining atmospheric turn in the witch sub-genre of horror.

The performances here aren’t really standouts here. Although the cinematography and choreography are spectacular. The pacing is a tad slow here as well, editing the movie a little bit better could have made the pacing much better.

In my opinion, this movie won’t be fun for most of our audience readers here at Infamous Horrors. I would strongly suggest when it comes to a streaming service you check it out on a rainy day when you have spare time.

Overall grade:

2.5/5 stars

Escape Room 2 debuts poster

With everything going on sometimes you forget some of the films that were supposed to be released this year and now we have word that with all optimism Escape Room 2 has been pushed back all the way to December.

Returning to the directors chair is Adam Robitel. Isabelle Fuhrman, Holland Roden, Indya Moore, Thomas Cocquerel, and Carlito Olivero will be staring in the sequel to the surprise box office hit and even more surprising decent movie.

Fantasia International Film Festival Announces Move to Cutting-Edge Virtual Event, Aug. 20 – Sep. 2, 2020

Fantasia International Film Festival will join what SXSW has done and go virtual. In a statement Fantasia International Film Festival has said the following:

Given the continuing uncertainty related to physical cinema spaces and large gatherings which will likely continue through the remainder of the calendar year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival has announced their decision to mount its highly-anticipated 2020 edition as a cutting edge virtual fest in August.

To deliver this, the acclaimed genre film event will be working with Festival Scope and Shift72 via their newly-launched online festival platform, most recently utilized for CPH:DOX and Visions du réel’s celebrated virtual editions. This platform offers studio-grade DRM and will be MPAA compliant, operating according to Motion Picture Association of America security standards.

However, some of us outside of Canada won’t be able to attend even with a VPN.

All film screenings will be geo-blocked to Canadian audiences and only accessible from within the country, vastly expanding the number of viewers Fantasia can engage with outside of Quebec.

Fantasia’s virtual edition will take place August 20 through September 2, 2020 while the Frontières Co-Production Market, which typically runs in conjunction with the festival, will take place from July 23rd through 26th. The first wave of Fantasia titles will be revealed in late May.

What do you think of it going online? If you in Canada and usually don’t go to it will this spark your interest in the festival?


Kevin James in a thriller? According to some news, we got today that will be the case for the new film called ”Becky”. Joel McHale(Community and The Soup) and Lulu Wilson will join Kevin James.

Written by Nick Morris (The Evil Eye), Ruckus Skye and Lane Skye (The Devil to Pray, Rattle the Cage) and directed by Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott (Cooties, Bushwick), BECKY stars Lulu Wilson (Annabelle: Creation), Kevin James (Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Hitch, “The Kings of Queens”), Amanda Brugel (Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”), Robert Maillet (Sherlock Holmes) and Joel McHale (“Community”). The film is produced by Jordan Beckerman, Jordan Yale Levine, and Russ Posternak from Yale Productions and J.D. Lifshitz and Raphael Margules from Boulderlight Pictures.

The cast aside from Lulu Wilson is mostly known for their comedic work, even though Joel McHale delivered a terrific performance in Deliver Us From Evil with Eric Bana.

In the film, spunky and rebellious Becky (Wilson) is brought to a weekend getaway at a lake house by her father Jeff (McHale) in an effort to try to reconnect. The trip immediately takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts on the run, led by the merciless Dominick (James), suddenly invade the lake house.

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