2067 Movie Review

2067 is a rather interesting science fiction movie, even if it thinks its smarter than it really is. It has the cliches of a Young Adult adaptation that really makes the intesisty of the storytelling rather dull at times, though the acting is rather impressive from its cast including Kodi Smit-McPhee and Ryan Kwanten in a surprising serious turn that we don’t see from him often and he nails it.

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Alex Essoe interview for Death of Me

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Alex Essoe who was one of the mostt energetic and sweetest personalities I have ever interviewed to date the past few years writing for Infamous Horrors and doing podcast the past couple years. She was featured as Wendy Torrance in Doctor Sleep and I hear nothing but great things about her in Starry Eyes so I think now I have to check that out. Hope you all enjoy the interview as much as I did.

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