Sony pushes back more films

Hello darkness my old friend, COVID19 has struck the movie industry again. Sony had decided to do the smart thing and move their blockbusters to next year. With all current productions on half indefinitely until this thing is straightened out. It’s probably the smart move to put movies out next year that are already completed.

I know some are disappointed by this news that we won’t get to see Morbius or Ghostbusters: Afterlife this year, but it’s best to just play everything safe. I for one want to see these two films on the biggest screen possible.

In the meantime, since we’re all stuck at home you can do a little research on Alamo Drafthouse’s virtual cinema where they will be doing their Terror Tuesday’s and Weird Wednesday’s virtually, which is cool for people like me who don’t live close to one and now we can finally experience it.

Romero Pictures and Indie Brigade hosting a virtual convention

Thanks to our friends over at Romero Pictures and the Indie Brigade we are getting a virtual convention. This seems to be a game-changing event during the Covid19 outbreak we can stay at home and enjoy a solid convention with big-name genre actors and other character actors from fan-favorite films such as Clerks and Chasing Amy(my all-time personal favorite film).

This will be a really cool event for people like me that struggle with anxiety and always find a way of talking themselves out of going to a huge convention, it will feature the likes of icons Kane Hodder and Richard Grieco.

Here is a statement from their official press release you can check out!


Ticket Holders can interact live with celebrities in real-time and participate in 8 hours of live streaming panels! Def-Con 1 is a brand new concept by Romero Pictures and the Indie Brigade and is designed to not only bring our community of indie creators together but also as a way for indie creators to reach and interact with their fans while providing a centralized vendor space for fans and ticket holders to support their favorite artists.

In light of the current state of emergency surrounding the Coronavirus: Covid-19, our vendors, artists and celebrities keep 100% of their sales and there is no cost to for themto participate. Def-Con 1 is a convention for the community to help support itself through these turbulent times

You can get your tickets now at

The Hunt Review

What a pleasant surprise this was! Going into The Hunt it’s safe to say my expectations were low. Typically, you all should know how I mainly feel about Blumhouse(a protege of the Weinstein’s even though he has distanced himself from them). He has several movies under his belt I love and most I hate. Continue reading “The Hunt Review”

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