Alex Essoe interview for Death of Me

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Alex Essoe who was one of the mostt energetic and sweetest personalities I have ever interviewed to date the past few years writing for Infamous Horrors and doing podcast the past couple years. She was featured as Wendy Torrance in Doctor Sleep and I hear nothing but great things about her in Starry Eyes so I think now I have to check that out. Hope you all enjoy the interview as much as I did.

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Spiral Review

Spiral is a new horror film streaming on Shudder that is on par to be one of the best horror films of 2020. In a time where LGBTQ lives are struggling for equality, Spiral juggles that aspect of horror rather well. I have seen a lot of complaints from horror fans for the recently released Antebellum which some called Trauma porn. Spiral I feel is the complete opposite while I rather enjoyed Antebellum myself, I believe Spiral will find its audience way sooner than Antebellum will.

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The Swerve Review

The Swerve Is a movie made for fans like In The Mouth Of Madness and similar movies in tones where the main character just find themselves in situations that often cause more chaos than luck. Luckily however, The Swerve is much more than what meets the eye on the surface. From the trailer, it looked like a typical line of movies that feel like they made for the Lifetime movie channel and this is one reason I have strayed from away from watching any sort of trailer for movies that are sent my way to review. Especially with theaters being closed its much easier to avoid a trailer nowadays. I’m glad I still ended up giving The Swerve a shot because dammit! It is truly something special to behold.

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Shout Factory TV host ‘31 Nights of Horror’ streaming every night in October!

This October, Shout! Factory TV and Scream Factory proudly present 31 Nights of Horror. Fans can tune in each evening throughout the entire month for a macabre movie that’s sure to satisfy cravings for all things creepy. Each night of the stream will feature a genre favorite such as Witchboard, Bad Moon, Sleepaway Camp, The Exorcist III, Clive Barker’s Nightbreed: Director’s Cut and many more.

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