Please Baby Please Review

Please Baby Please has an interesting cast with a promising storyline. The first act is so strong it will have you engaged, then it gets to the second act which is redundant to the brilliance of the first act which is rather disappointing to the performance from Andre Riseborough. The acting from the supporting cast isn’t bad, it’s that the characters are written so annoying that it will turn a lot of people off.

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Evil Dead Trap 2: Hideki Review

Evil Dead Trap 2 is definitely a unique film that will have a niche of fans. It is definitely not for everyone, while some may be able to compare it David Cronenberg’s Crash, I don’t think it has the same kind of bite to the story and most of the characters are underwritten and underwhelming. The lead performances are squandered by the lack of emotional depth, that makes this feel more like an Eli Roth film.

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Beast Blu-Ray Review

Beast is the new horror-thriller adventure starring ‘Luther’ star, Idris Elba. Unfortunately, there’s no real plot to care about in the movie written by Ryan Engle has to be one of the worst screenplays of the year for a theatrical release and has Razzie awards written all over it. The dialogue is awful between the family and Shaltro Copley is as wooden as a board. The direction of the film also leads to a film so predictable you’d forget it was made for adults.

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Stèphane Review: Beyond Fest 2022 (A must see thriller)


A bold comedy thriller from the acclaimed filmmaker Timothée Hochet (Calls – Canal+ & Apple TV) and Lucas Pastor.
Student filmmaker Timothée documents his time with the larger-than-life character that he meets whilst shooting a short spy film. As time goes on, their jovial and eccentric talks become something far more sinister.

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Reginald The Vampire Review

Reginald The Vampire is an extremely fun campy show that will remind you why we love Jacob Batalon so much. He’s a very charismatic actor and plays well with innocent characters. I’m also a big Vampire genre fan, I was excited for Jacob when this was announced. However, while Syfy has been getting better with its content, there’s always some sort of caustic optimism when it comes to the channel. I remember when it was awfully painful in the ‘90s for Syfy back when it was Sci-Fi.

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