A look ahead to ‘Smile’ revisiting some of the creepiest smiles on film!

We are conducting a list of creepiest smiles seen on film to get us excited for the new horror movie that will have the most creepiest smile of the year ‘Smile’. We have seen plenty traumatic smiles that have shaken us to our cores since we’ve been kids here are some.

Nicolas Cage- Blood Soaked Smile in ‘Mandy’

Anthony Perkins- Psycho

Jack Nicholson- The Shinning

Anthony Hopkins- Hannibal Lector ‘Silence of The Lambs’

The Purge(2013)-

Tim Curry/ Bill Skarsgård- Pennywise The Clown ‘It’

David Howard Thornton- Art The Clown ‘Terrifier 1&2’

Bill Oberst Jr.- Papa Corn ‘ Circus Of The Dead’

Heath Ledger- ‘The Dark Knight’ Joker

Betty Gabriel- Georgina ‘Get Out’

Linda Blair- ‘The Exorcist’

James McAvoy- Split and Glass

Ethan Hawke- ‘The Black Phone’

Damon Herriman- Charles Manson ‘Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood’

Robert Englund- Freddy Kruger ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

Sondra Locke and Colleen Camp- Jackson and Donna ‘Death Game’

Sid Haid- Firefly trilogy

Richard Brake- ‘31’

Adrian Voight- ‘The Man Who Laughed’

Written By: AJ Friar

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