Cloverfield 2 officially happening

As we all know, we’ve already sorta saw Cloverfield 2 already with the classic 10 Cloverfield Lane. However we can assume this will be in fact a direct tie in to the original Cloverfield that changed the face of found footage films forever. A lot of complaints I heard about the found footage genre at the time while I was in High School when Cloverfield came out when I was a senior in 2008 was that the cameras were never still, at least in Cloverfield was.

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The Retaliators Review

The retaliators is a new film that shouldn’t be as as good as it is, it kicks you like a ‘90s actioner that we grew to love over time with B-List stars such as Marc Menchaca chewing up the scenery like it was his own playground and having tons of fun with his role makes the movie amazing alone. The soundtrack will take you back to the days of early 2000’s horror films like Freddy Vs Jason the metal influenced soundtrack will be stuck in your head for days.

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Interview with Makeup Designer Doug Morrow For His Work On Orphan: First Kill

The other week we got the incredible opportunity to speak with the makeup designer Doug Morrow, for his work on Orphan: First Kill, including deaging techniques used on Isabelle Fuhrman as well as working with Julia Stiles. Read the interview below, Orphan: First Kill is currently streaming on Paramount Plus.

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Barbarian Review

How does one write about the film Barbarian? From the earliest bits of marketing, the film makers and studio have gone to important lengths to give viewers just enough to draw them in and absolutely nothing more. The visceral experience of seeing it for the first time should absolutely be spoiler-free (and in a movie theater if possible). Writer-director Zach Cregger, perhaps best known prior as one-fifth of 2000s sketch comedy weirdos The Whitest Kids U Know, arrives with a debut feature that is as self-assured as any in recent years.

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Isabelle Furhman teases Orphan 3 on Twitter

Isabelle Furhman was recently on Twitter promoting the live stream of Orphan: First Kill and teased Orphan 3. We already are aware that Isabelle and the director have already talked about ideas for a third Orphan movie. The movie seems to be doing well enough on Paramount Plus to warrant another sequel, this is what you have to adore about the golden age of streaming platforms.

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Ben Parker interview for Burial.

We recently got to speak to the director of the new World War 2 psychological thriller’Burial’ starring Charlotte Vega and Tom Felton. We talk about War influences on genre films and why it’s always an interesting backdrop for a story, also growing up watching Tom Felton in Harry Potter and casting him in a thriller. Burial is currently playing in select theaters and on VOD platforms

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