Three new ‘The Strangers’ movie sequels in development

According to Bloody-Disgusting it seems like we’re getting three new sequels to the classic home invasion movie ‘The Strangers’ the movie took the horror community by storm when it was first released and still has its devoted fans whenever you bring the movie up.

The sequel to The Strangers: Prey at night was hugely underrated and underperformed at the box office we were starting to get curious if we would ever see The Strangers again.

Fast forward to 2022 it seems like the idea of new films based on The Strangers are coming to fruition. Lee was speaking with Bloody Disgusting about his new movie Barbarian which comes to cinemas next month. According to Lee we’re getting three new sequels beginning production next month.

It will be interesting which ways the new trilogy will take us and what Lee has in store for us. Will they all be shot back-to-back? It will be interesting for sure and it leaves us with so many questions.

Written by: AJ Friar

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