End Zone 2 and The Once and Future Smash Review( FrightFest 2022)

End Zone 2 could be seen as a parody or a homage to exploitation cinema in the peak of drive-ins and grindhouse theaters. Smash Mouth( not to be confused with the one-hit wonder band) is the classic 70s horror villain that draws or gave inspiration from Jason Voorhees( wink wink) its a great watch that will be a great double billing with ‘The Room’ when you’re getting shit-faced drunk with your friends and you want to introduce them to a killer like Smash Mouth. The acting even works as if it was pulled from that era as well. This will play exceedingly well in front of a crowd, I could only imagine the reception it got at FrighFest.

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Halloween Ends to premiere same day on Peacock as theaters

It looks like Universal and Blumhouse has decided a shocking move to put Halloween Ends on Peacock as the same day as it’s theatrical release date October 14th, after the previous Blumhouse horror hit of the summer The Black Phone, it definitely surprises us here at Infamous Horrors why it would go to a streamer on the same date. My only guess is because of the Dwayne Johnson superhero vehicle Black Adam is coming out soon after.

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Interview with up and coming young star Zion Broadnax for ‘Day Shift’

This week we got to do an interview with the up and coming bright young star Zion Broadnax for her role in the Jamie Foxx vehicle ‘Day Shift’ which is now streaming on Netflix and is wildly entertaining and wickedly funny. We talk about what it was like working with Meagan Good, Jamie Foxx and all the actors in the film as well as the action sequences Zion Broadnax was apart of.

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Orphan: First Kill Review

Orphan: First Kill is a brilliant prequel to the horror phenomenon called Orphan, about the girl who gets adopted into her new forever home and turns out to be a woman that is the height as a child and plays a devious character. Isabelle Fuhrman reprises her role in this sequel that is going to be in select theaters and Paramount Plus. My suggestion would be to see this in theaters as horror always plays better on the biggest screen.

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