The Brain From Planet Arous(Blu-Ray Review): A Brilliant release

The Brain from Planet Arous is a delicious science fiction film from the 1950s where everything is off the table because it is so ahead of its time that a lot of the original audience may think it’s ahead of its time. With a brain that is as big as from the Futurama episode, some may be considered to be a parody now with the subgenre. While some may find this to be unbelievable now at the time it came people were sure to be amazed by the VFX.

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Nope Review

I was lucky enough to be invited to an advance screening of Jordan Peele’s Nope and, given the last minute nature of the invitation, I went in without really knowing anything about the film other than what I could guess from the trailer. I can honestly say Nope is one of those films for which the less you know, the better it is.

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The Harbinger (Fantasia 2022) Review: A truly scary Pandemic movie

The Harbinger is one of those horror movies that come along very few times that you can compare the impact of it to the original Candyman. It is the scariest film to take place during the Covid19 pandemic that doesn’t seem to be misguided or made for a quick buck. We can thank the writer-director Andy Mitton for the terrifying time.

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Neon Lights(2022) Review

Neon Lights is a new to stream thriller film that is an example of what creative indie filmmaking can truly be. Initially I was worried by the title. I prepared myself for a neon light bath of film much like what the new Rob Zombie Munsters trailer gave us. Fortunately I was wrong. While neon lights are used in the film, and used in a very metaphorical way, it is not washing over the entire film. Many of the scenes feel gritty and tense and don’t have any bright lights in them at all.

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Swallowed [Fantasia 2022 Review] The Queer Horror movie of the year

Swallowed is a brilliant body horror movie that works wonders, it stars a menacing devious Mark Patton from the infamous A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, which has later found its cult following. However, Swallowed will not need a cult following, because it is that damn good for everyone involved. The horror film Swallowed it makes sense for it play during Fantasia.

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Dual Blu-ray Review

Dual, finally comes out on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital from RLJE Films and it’s a spectacular release that does the film major service the people who spent time putting this release together did a great job with the sound and picture quality transfer. I have seen some bad transfers from RLJE, so it was great seeing this one get the transfer it deserved.

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