Neve Campbell passes on Scream 6 due to pay- Ghostface will also be the most violent we’ve seen him.

Neve Campbell is rumored to not be involved with Scream 6, I think this is a great move for all involved with the new trilogy. The writers and cast need to move on from the Sidney legacy, while it will always be a major part of resurrecting the slasher genre in the 90s when it was left for dead. We saw Dewey Cox suffer his shocking fate in Scream 5. Who knows if Courtney Cox will return to give us one legacy cast member left.

More news also came out today that Scream 6 will be the goriest take we’ve seen on Ghostface, it’s been surprising that there hasn’t been a whole lot of gore throughout the series except for a few over-the-top kills. I’d like them to go into a new direction with Scream 6 and make it ultra gory and scary without it being mostly a satire on the genre itself.

Scream 5 is now on Paramount+ and on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD.

Written by: AJ Friar

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