Trevor Gretzky interview for American Siege

This past week we got to talk to the cast of the new action movie called American Siege directed by Edward Drake and starring Bruce Willis. This one is with Trevor Gretzky.

AJ: So you’ve and Edward kind of worked together a lot in the past few years. So how did this relationship come about?

Trevor Gretzky A few years ago, um, I did a movie called cosmic sin and, he was directing it and, that was the first kind of time we worked together. And then just, just been working with him on a few projects,since then, and just really grateful. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with him. He’s worked really hard and he’s really fun to work with.

AJ: Right, and this has been a busy few years for you as well with projects coming out. You mentioned cosmic sin and that had Frank Grillo and Bruce Willis in it. this is your third movie with Bruce. Since you have Apex also out as well. And you also did spiral with, Chris rock and Samuel L. Jackson. So how has your time been spent over the past few years on these projects?

Trevor: Oh, just, you know, just very fortunate that I’m getting these opportunities, just working hard, you know, just auditioning and trying to get as many jobs as I can and keep the ball rolling. You know, I love acting and, I wanna keep going as long as I can. I’m just kind of try to keep it rolling from here on out,

AJ Right, American Siege how did your character speak to you in a way when you were reading the script? Like what stood out to you the most about your character?

Trevor: I thought it was really cool, you know, to play a guy that was in a position where he really shouldn’t have been and, for him to have kind of an ego, you know, him to think he’s bigger than he is just to realize at the end that wow, you know, stuff’s really hit the fan and he makes that decision to do the right thing and to be able to have that change of attitude was pretty fun to do.

AJ: Right, and playing that arrogant character must be fun doing it on screen. Right. Because you may not mean that the person real life, but bringing that out on screen must have been pretty fun sometimes. Right?

Trevor: Oh, absolutely. Anytime you could act and be someone or not it’s well, I mean, who’s the judge if I am or not, but <laugh>, I would hope I would hope to think I’m not, but yeah, it’s definitely fun.

AJ: Right. And how was it working with, uh, Timothy and Bruce on this? Because they both did a fantastic job on screen.

Trevor: Yeah. I mean, I’m so fortunate just to be able to be around those guys, you know, Timothy Murphy, one of the best actors I’ve ever got to be around just to learn from him and Bruce, uh, just like I said, I’m so fortunate just to learn from these guys and anything I could pick up from what they do professionally or how they work. I just take, I don’t take for granted and, I’m just very lucky that I had the opportunity just to spend time around them, let alone work with them.

AJ: Yeah. And when I was talking to Edward and Timothy, the other day I was talking about how I found Bruce Willis in this to be his most committed. He’s been in years kind of like since Looper came out and outside of Wes Anderson films that he does, he really seemed committed to this character as well. So how did that come across on set when everybody was just watching him perform?

Trevor: Yeah. I mean, I was so lucky I had a front row seat, getting to play his partner in the movie. Just to be able to do all those scenes with him, like I said, I’m so lucky and so fortunate just to learn from guys like him and Timothy. You know, anytime I could be on the same screen as those guys, it’s like, I don’t even have words, you know? I’m gonna tell my kids one day about, you know, working with Bruce Willis <laugh>

Um, I mean, you know, I don’t think anything ever prepares you, uh, uh, for when you do it, you love, and then you get to work with the people that you grow up watching. Um, it’s pretty special and I don’t think anything kind of could prepare you for that other than, you know, just know that you’re, you’re there doing your job and, uh, to be professional and, uh, just take it as a learning experience to learn from these guys who, who have had such successful careers.

AJ: Right. And, uh, this was shot and filmed during the COVID times, and you guys knocked out in eight days. So how was that like for you? Because the experience has to be different for everybody involved on that eight days.

Trevor: I mean, everyone who works, on that set, that is pretty amazing how they pulled that off, you know, with all the safety stuff and the, the testing and stuff, it’s pretty, pretty remarkable how they did that and pulled it off. And, you know, especially Edward Drake, the, the guy’s a machine and the guy works harder than anyone I’ve ever really met <laugh> and, it’s pretty impressive to watch him do his thing.

AJ: So have you gotten a chance to watch the finish this film yet? And if so, what was your kind of reaction to watching yourself on screen?

Trevor: Yeah, of course it was, you know, just, I enjoy the process, the, the making of it, you know, being on set and getting to work with such great people. It just, anytime you could see the final product of all the hard work you guys all put in, it’s very special. Like I said, like the process, being able to go work on a set with great people like that, whether it’s the crew or the director or the other actors, it’s pretty special to come back around a year later and reminisce in all those memories you had being there and putting the work in and all the, the long hours.

AJ: Yeah. And, you know, we live in the golden age of streaming and premium videos on demand as well with this new window release that we got. But of course, as an actor and a director, you kind of wanna see your film on the big screen, but yet a lot of people still don’t feel comfortable going to the theaters yet. So how does that feel knowing that your film will be released on digital platforms and you can reach more in people that way at home that don’t feel safe going out yet?

Trevor: Yeah, I think it’s, I think it’s really special, um, what they’ve done and how the, the industry’s kind of adapted, uh, to where, um, people could actually seize the stuff that people put all these hard work into. Because I know it’s tough to go to the theater now with COVID and everything, but yeah, obviously you wanna, you know, you grow up going to the theater and that’s I personally going to the movie is one of my favorite things in the world. So obviously you wanna see yourself or the people you work with on, on the big screen, but you know, for now we gotta just keep going day by day with this COVID thing. And hopefully, we get this all cleared up here in the next, uh, I don’t know who knows now, but I mean, we’ll see hopefully one day we can all get back to the theaters to get other.

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