Silent Night(2021)[Review] out in theaters and VOD platforms now

Silent Night is an outrageous satire on the end of the world, some may find similarities to the animated film ‘When The Wind Blows’ mixed with lifetime and Hallmark channel elements throughout the film.

While it’s far from being perfect, and it took me till I interviewed the director of the film to fully compare the satire aspect and what she was going for in the rom-com esque satire mixed with what would happen in a pre apocalyptic world. It was quite the trip to see this all unfold in the film.

Director Camille Griffin, does a fantastic job getting the tension of this dysfunctional family gathering almost going full ‘Krampus’ on us during the pill taking scene. What I loved personally about this movie were the harsh realities of how this would impact everyone.

Including scenes where Roman Griffin-David(Jojo Rabbit) asked the correct questions and Sope Dirisu’s answers to them were nerve wracking to see Roman’s facial reactions to them. Lily Rose-Depp is also having a helluva year with Silent Night and Wolf.

Overall this is a brilliant satire film, though most won’t get it or it will be too slow for the audience members involved.

Overall grade: 3/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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