Wolf Review[Out in theaters now]

Wolf is a mesmerizing film, though at times extremely stressful to see people going though mental health issues here that seem to be incurable. If you mix together The Lobster and Nurse Rancid that’s what you basically get with Nathalie Biancheri’s new film.

The performances are what keep Wolf grounded for what is an excruciating time at the movies a nail biting inducing watch, as it will shatter your nerves with what they similarly use for shock therapy to convince the patients that they’re not animals.

George MacKay(1917) is one of the best young actors working today, he continues to prove it in Wolf where he dominates the screen with Lily-Rose Depp(Tusk, Yogahosers) who is brilliant in a breakthrough role that will finally take studios to take notice and what she can bring to the table outside of Kevin Smith films.

This movie will turn a lot of people off almost immediately, if you stick with it, it may be an interesting character study. While it may not be one you’re willing to watch again it’s definitely one that won’t escape your mind anytime soon.

Written By: AJ Friar

Overall Grade: 2.5/5 stars

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