Robert Kurtzman interview for Black Friday

We got to interview the Legendary VFX man Robert Kurtzman for his new work on the movie Black Friday which is out now now on all digital platforms.

AJ: Alright, Robert, thanks so much for joining us at Infamous Horrors today

Robert Kurtzman: You’re welcome, thanks for having me today. 

AJ: How did you get involved with Black Friday? 

Robert: I had worked with Warner Davis on another project Funhouse Massacre and we stayed in contact for the next several years and this one had a lot of creature stuff in it, 

AJ: Now, did you have any experience in retail on Black Friday? Because I have and this is exactly what it’s like working this holiday. 

Robert: Um no, not at all actually when I was younger I worked as a bus boy and a garbage man during the summers when I was younger. So no, no retailLaughs

AJ: And you had Bruce Campbell in this one as well, it was kinda a reunion with you two since you did Evil Dead 2. 

Robert: Yeah, we worked a lot actually over the years with the Hercules series, Jack of All Trades, Bubba Ho-Tep. You know I’ve known Bruce since Evil Dead 2.

AJ: And I am so glad you brought up Jack of All Trades, because that is such an underrated tv series you two worked on. 

AJ: You also helped bring back directors in the past that haven’t directed in a while like Adam Marcus with Secret Santa, Kevin Smith in Tusk. What does the script have to provide for you to take a chance on it? 

Robert: Well, it deals with the emotion and the creature ideas in the script like me and Casey had talked back and forth on this creature that combined all the shoppers from Black Friday and it was a clever idea. I look for stuff like that to draw me in. We wanted to grow them into this 80s style giant kaiju creature. 

AJ: How was that experience like in front of the green screen when you come down to it? 

Robert: Yeah, well it was already kinda all shot already, so when we came down there we saw the guy controlling the suit then we do the specific day of green screen with him doing the right marks to interact with the actors. 

AJ: You created so many monsters, where would this rank with your other work in stuff like Wishmaster, Tusk and Yogahosers? 

Robert: Well, luckily this one was different from those movies. Mainly because Andy’s scripts and Casey’s ideas gave me an opportunity to do something outside the box. It was a similar experience when I read the script to Tusk I knew I wouldn’t do anything like that again.

Written By: AJ Friar

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