Black Friday Review[Out now on all digital platforms]

Black Friday is a perfect holiday B-movie for the horror fan looking for a new horror movie to stream this holiday season.

In this day and age we are always worried about what Black Friday shopping can bring out in us, we see it year after year, with deaths in stores and shootings in malls. So this time in Black Friday starring Devon Sawa and Bruce Campbell we take a look at it through the employees eyes.

Legendary Robert Kurtzman, delivers as well with the VFX for Black Friday making the creature effects really fun to watch throughout the film. Almost making it ala a mix between The Stuff, Gremlins and Critters all rolled up into one wholesome monster fun.

Overall Black Friday is not the highest art form out there for B-Movies but it is entertaining to escape with some dumb comedic hi-jinx with the staff members as they battle monsters and shoppers during one frightful night.

The direction by Casey Tebo does an excellent job at delivering the black comedy of Black Friday store habits when it comes to management sales over safety. Bruce Campbell is perfect for the store management, and Devon Sawa is perfect for the older employee who tries too hard to fit in with the younger crowd reliving his glory days as he hooks up with a younger coworker. 

Overall grade: 2.5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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