Joel David Moore interview for Hide and Seek[Now on Digital platforms]

We had the chance to speak with genre actor and director Joel David Moore for his newest thriller titled ‘Hide and Seek’ which is out now on all digital platforms. Joel does a great job with creating an atmosphere, while using a specific location to act as another character in the movie which I brought up ‘Angel Heart’ and ‘Candyman’ doing similar things with their locations.

AJ: Hey Joel, thank you so much for joining me man. I feel like I’m speaking with my childhood here, I’ve been watching you since ‘Grandmas Boy’. 

Joel: Laughs Man thank you so much, and it’s a pleasure to be here chatting with you today. 

AJ: Alright, man, first thing is first. How did you get involved with ‘Hide and Seek’? 

Joel: It’s been a few years in the making, I was the writer and director on ‘Hide and Seek’ and it was a blast. I spent a couple years writing it, and now it’s finally out to the world. 

AJ: Yeah, back to being the writer and director on this. You have worked with many directors and unlike Spiral, this one you’re directing and not co-directing. How did it feel having full control on this one. 

Joel: Well, actually. This is my fifth directing gig, I have quietly been directing stuff for the past decade or so.

AJ: Oh, wow. Did not realize that. 

Joel: Yeah, I gotta say I enjoy directing and being behind the camera more than acting at the moment. Like you said I had also learned from many great directors with Adam Green being a great example, I learned so much from them. 

AJ: How did the casting come about for ‘Hide and Seek’ because you got Jonathon as the lead, did it all fall into place after you had him involved or was he the final piece of the puzzle? 

Joel: Yeah, having someone like Jonathon everything pretty much falls into place after that. Everyone was great and professional on this. 

AJ: Yeah, I wanted to talk about the daughter in this film, you rarely see a performance like that from a child. That had to be amazing to witness and such a relief. 

Joel: Quinn and Eli both were terrific to work with, and yeah, you never know what to expect in that situation but they were fantastic and I can’t wait to see what they will do respectively in their careers. 

AJ: What I also found interesting in ‘Hide and Seek’ you used the apartments as another character in the film. It kinda reminded me of other films that did that like ‘Angel Heart’ with the heat of New Orleans and ‘Candyman’ did with the inner city and projects of Chicago. 

Joel: Yeah, I filmed this in my favorite part of New York that I knew very well. It was in Manhattan. It was great for us because it was easy enough to rent it out for the cast and crew and all the trucks and equipment we needed. In any production that is one of the hardest things to do, so it was a no brainer for us to do it that way.

Written By: AJ Friar

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