Munro Chambers and Paloma Kwiatkowski interview for Multiverse[Out now on Digital]

The other week we got the chance to speak with the stars of the outstanding new science fiction film called ‘Multiverse’ which is out now on all digital platforms.

AJ: Hey guys, thank you for joining me today on infamous horrors. 

Munro and Paloma: Thank you so much for having us. 

AJ: How did you two get involved with Multiverse? 

Paloma: Will, I was given the script from my agent and they said you should take a look at this. When I was reading the script it had a genuine science fiction drama that drew me into the project and then I was interested in it and it spiraled from there.

AJ: Munro, how about you?

Munro: Yeah, kinda the same echoes as Paloma just added. It was the same for me, I found the script to be interesting and I wanted to see how it would play out. 

AJ: So, in a movie like Multiverse I am always interested to see how they handle double characters in a movie like this. So how did you two handle that as well? 

Munro: Well, I cannot speak for Sandra’s character but for me I was lucky enough to use a double for my scenes as well. It was interesting. I will tell you that much. The scenes were incredible to watch unfold for sure. 

AJ: When I was speaking with the director the other day, I told him this reminded me of an older film called ‘Flattliners’ where it would take college students on the brink of pushing boundaries and limits they all had. I saw that here with Multiverse as well, with the students that have been working on this theory forever, and the cool thing is we don’t know how long they’ve exactly been working on this. How was it like seeing you all get chemistry with each other? 

Munro: Yeah, I do feel like there was this tight nit thing with that group, like you said they’ve been working on this theory for YEARS, so we don’t know how long they’ve known each other per-say but it was nice to see us on set get that chemistry locked down and we’re glad you as a journalist noticed that hard work payoff. 

Paloma Yes, I completely agree with what Munro said on that statement. It was so fun to be together on set building that chemistry. You know, just going outside of work as well speaking with Sandra and the other cast members and getting dinner, communicating also it was so refreshing working with Sandra as well. 

AJ: I wanted to go back to working with Sandra Mae Frank, since she is a deaf actress and I am on the autism spectrum myself. So, I think it is so cool to see people like us represented on the screen in the correct manner. How was it like sharing a scene with Sandra? 

Munro: First off, Sandra was amazing and like you said she is a deaf actress so it was incredible to see her be able to tune out all of the distractions on set and be like “Pay attention to this scene, and work with me here” She has the level of focus that every actor should strive for and I learned a lot working with her. 

Paloma: Yes, that was amazing. Sandra was so cool about wanting to communicate more with us so she taught us a few sign language things. She used her phone to communicate as well, so we were never out of the conversation and vice-versa it was a special time for all of us I believe. 

Written by: AJ Friar

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