Sandra Mae Frank interview for Multiverse

Hello everybody and welcome to infamous horrors This week we spoke to Sandra Mae Frank. One of the stars of the new science fiction horror film Multiverse. We hope you enjoyed this interview Sandra is an incredible actress who happens to be deaf, and the way the multiverse used the script to her advantage was cool to watch. It is so nice to see Hollywood productions being so inclusive. And of course, in the film Multiverse they have different versions of themselves being portrayed in the film, me and Sandra discussed that as well.

AJ: Hi Sandra, thank you so much for joining me at Infamous Horrors today. How did you get interested in Multiverse? 

Sandra: Fun fact, it was early 2018 and the actor Marlee Matlin was already cast to play Amy’s mom, so we knew there was already a deaf actor on the project. So Marlee posted on twitter that there was an open audition for the part of Amy, I read the story and there was a multiverse and said this is my JAM! And I sent the script to my agent, then the rest is history. From there I did my own tape audition and got the part. 

AJ: Like you said, this was shot back in 2018 so Marlee hasn’t done ‘Coda’ for Apple TV yet. So how was it like working with Marlee in Multiverse? 

Sandra: Amazing, Marlee was amazing, she’s been doing this for 30 years, she was one of the first deaf actresses doing this and won an Academy Award years ago. And now its awesome seeing Hollywood being this inclusive, we are now seeing our first Deaf superhero in Marvel Studio’s Eternals its an amazing thing to work with Marlee, we did a few a show together but we didn’t do any specific scenes together and it finally we worked together very well. 

AJ: Right, and in Multiverse you had two different characters to portray so how was that like? 

Sandra: I absolutely loved it, once I got the script, I knew that it was a challenge going in and I loved it and of course I can’t share much but it was like two personalities like an Angel on one shoulder and a Devil on the other. The way I sign is different too, it was a blast. 

AJ: How was it like working with the rest of the cast? 

Sandra: They were awesome! I didn’t feel like just a deaf actor on set, I felt like another member of the cast, we went out, we hung out off set we talked over phone text conversion. In the middle of nowhere we spent a lot of time and really connected there. They were very friendly and patient with me which was fantastic, and they had patience. It was so refreshing to see them wanting to learn ASL.

AJ: A lot of the set pieces were small and intimate almost looking like a play, so how was that like working on set? It had to be very intimate working with everyone. 

Sandra: It was very constructed with the director’s choices it was amazing to find his emotion through the decisions and he was able to pull us in and even if I had an idea he would be like “Yes, let’s go for it” and then I would do it, and then he would be like “Yes, that’s it that’s the one”.

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