The Acid King Review[The Ultimate Ricky Kasso true crime documentary]

The Acid King is the ultimate Ricky Kasso true crime documentary, a two hour long movie works much better than a miniseries that would over stay it’s welcome after the fourth episode. As we are in the golden age of True Crime, many are programmed to like it and believe everything in the documentary, luckily directors Dan Jones and Jesse Pollack know their stuff when it comes to Ricky Kasso.

Especially when Jesse has also written a book about the guy. It’s a gruesome true crime story that will have us begging for Jesse to do an actual biopic on Ricky Kasso, of course Kasso is no ‘White Boy Rick’. This is a terrifying tale.

Jesse and Dan does a good job giving us looks at who Ricky Kasso was growing up in a troubling relationship with his father it’s no wonder how Ricky Kasso grew up to be the trouble maker that he was, many around this era and time are quick to point the satanic aspect of Ricky Kasso, whom I think wasn’t a satanist but more in the sense as little kids now that would rebel and listen to ICP and horrorcore and tell their friends “Hey check out this stuff man, look at what they’re saying!” He did however probably messed around with this Vietnam vet that was brought up in the documentary and holy heck, someone needs to do a podcast on that sketchy character asap!


If you know the story of Ricky Kasso, you’re aware we never got the satisfaction of a true crime story on his in the tv media there’s been several attempts that Jesse and I talked about but it’s nothing you can do in a 30 minute special on tv, it’s a heartbreaking thing to see how many people this still effects till this day, and it was the beginning of the time where Americans realized you don’t need to be in a big city where crime like this can happen, it happened in a small suburban town.


The Acid King is also one of the most eerie true crime documentaries made in recent memories with a kickass score that will get under your skin and you will not be able to take your eyes off the television.


Overall grade: 5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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