Last Night In Soho Review[A Stunning Masterpiece of Cinema] Now in Theaters.

Last in Soho is an amazing Hitchcockoriain of a mystery thriller that is a breath of fresh air in the genre that we’ve been missing and craving for a long, long time.

Edgar Wright best known for using music to tell a story through a soundtrack like he has done with Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and Baby Driver, does even more so with the instant classic Last Night in Soho. He leaves the comedic scene for a downright thrilling escapade that will leave you wanting to view it multiple times right after the credits roll.

The story itself in the plot is not that groundbreaking, although the way it’s told is groundbreaking and game-changing. The dream sequences are A Nightmare On Elm street ‘ish’ and is beautiful story telling by Edgar Wright who dazzles with vibrant colors and intensity that also works as a homage towards giallo horror movies as well. We live in a year where homages like that can upset the audience as seen by James WAN’s wonder Malignant.



Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie is electrifying as Eloise a new fashion designer student, who is trying to breakthrough a tough scene in Soho that ended up breaking her mother. When she moves into a house with a mysterious owner she spins to begin to have dreams that seems like she is traveling back in time to see a marvelous time in Soho that turns out to be much more deadlier than anyone could have ever expected.


When it’s all said and done Last Night in Soho ranks with the best thrillers in the past five years and is something to be seen on the big screen, which I have been typically against for the most part these past two years, it’s a scary time we live in, but if you’re comfortable with going, see it on the biggest screen you can.


Overall grade: 5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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