Hacked Reviw: A Podcasters worst nightmare

Hacked is every podcaster nightmare when it comes to the modern world of true crime podcasting.

Unlike the charming Only Murders in the Building. Hacked is a gritty drive-in style movie made in the most grindhouse style possible, now that may be a turn off for some in the horror community, however, if you find yourself scrolling around on Tubi you may want to give this breath of fresh air into your eyeballs while you can. Even though this may be comparable to a student film like John Carpenter’s Dark Star was. This could lead to something huge for the team involved as it does have that ‘Maniac’ meets the podcasting world vibe to it and is unnerving to watch at times.

Hacked follows the story of podcaster’s Michael and Darren whom of which have a very successful true crime podcast that is adored by thousands of people, yet like most audiences many feel one of the co-hosts is holding the other one back, by not being on time, getting too confrontational on interviews, and not always bringing his A-Game. If you ever done a podcast, you know that awkward silence moment after the podcast is done and you have that “Did we give it our best shot” conversation.

Matthew Festle could possibly turn this into a slasher franchise for his character of Michael, even if that means prequels or sequels will be involved with Hacked, his performance elevates the script so much which he also co-wrote. Jackson Turner delivers more of a subtle performance as Darren the co-host to Michael is the more playing it for straight character of the picture giving us the stability of the sane personality of the two on camera. It’s a solid effort for everyone involved, though your expectations should be graded at a curve here. This is not a high production horror film. 

Overall grade: 3/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar

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