Dopesick Episodes 1-3 Review: Fall’s newest addiction to binge

Dopesick is your new addiction for the fall season to binge on Hulu. This is what you would call “real life horror taken straight from the headlines” as the case is still ongoing and many families are still suffering from painkiller type pills such as OxyContin was back when it was making strides in the medicine circles as the “miracle drug”.

This series may be a trigger for some as we all have dealt with pain and may have even been subscribed to OxyContin before, however, this series is spectacular at clearly making the pushers the villains in Dopesick so there is no confusion whose side the showrunners are on.

Michael Keaton is doing some of his career best work at 70 years old in Dopesick, it is incredible to see him demand the screen here. He has not been this good since Spotlight and The Founder, for him to confront this difficult role with such ease is mind boggling to witness. There is also Will Poulter who is giving a breakthrough performance as Billy Cutler the money addicted agent for Oxycontin the first three episodes of this series shows a side of him I have never seen in his career. Both Will and Michael may be future Emmy winners for Dopesick. 

The dramatization is sensational as well, being as hypnotic as the first season of Homecoming. Dopesick is the new must-see drama of the year feeling like a movie per episode in the best way possible. The production is incredible as well as the acting from the whole cast. More reviews to come throughout the mind-bending season. You are in for one hell of a ride. 

Overall grade: 5/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar

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