Demigod Interview: Miles Doleac

The other week we were lucky enough to sit down and chat with the director of the new horror thriller Demigod, starring Jeremy London and Rachel Nichols.

Demigod is now on VOD.

Miles Doleac: Hey man, thanks for having me

AJ: Yeah man, no problem. How did Demigod all come about?

Miles: Well, when I was younger we used to spend time at this cabin, when my dad would go hunting and I was big into mythologies and greek stuff as well.

AJ: That’s interesting, and this was an intimate film with its locations. Rather it being in the cabin or the woods, we never saw a huge landscape, I was curious how that decision was made with the filming locations.

Miles: Some of it was due to the budget, but overall I wanted to keep it small and mess with people minds that way, knowing what you mentioned it was never a huge landscape so it could happen right next to you and not miles down the road kinda thing.

AJ: Let’s talk about the casting a little bit, you got a great cast with some veteran actors like Jeremy London and Rachel Nichols. How did their nuances help other cast members with a smaller budget film such as Demigod?

Miles: Yes! Jeremy and Rachel was so nice and helpful towards the other cast and having them, just like you said they’ve been on bigger projects so they know the deal and what it is when it comes to indie productions we don’t have to spare on projects like this one. It was amazing to work with both of them.

AJ: I don’t know if you have ever had it before but Jeremy has this awesome pepper jam that is so sweet and delicious.

Miles: Yes, I was lucky enough to try some. You’re right it is sweet and not too spicy even the outlaw one is sweet.

AJ: Thank you once again Miles for joining us today.

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