Halloween Kills review: Now on Peacock and in cinemas

Halloween Kills is an excellent addition to the franchise, I suspect when this Blumhouse trilogy is over with a lot of people will look back at it as divisive as the Disney Star Wars sequels. I already feel in the minority of loving Halloween Kills as much as I loved the 2018 and Halloween 3: Season of The Witch. Which divides people the most in the entire franchise.

What people seem to not like about Halloween Kills is the story where it gets emotional depth and brutally honest with its audience. When we saw the franchise last try giving any backstory to any characters it was in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and people stuck their noses at it like they’re with Halloween Kills.


Anthony Michael Hall dominates the screen as a delightful return as Tommy, he brings such kinetic energy to the story that will have you rooting for his character. Even if you may know how it ends in the end, as the townspeople are at a local bar and see the news that the boogie man is back, they band together in a metaphor of how Myers have terrorized their town for decades. It is pretty much The Warriors vs Michael Myers to a degree.

The kills in Halloween Kills are vicious and gloriously brutal, it is in the title so it should let you know what you are in for for an hour and 40 minutes. It’s mean, it’s lean and its non stop action. Including the first act being a love letter to the original Halloween. Judy Greer is the real star of Halloween Kills here as she adds much needed heart into Halloween it may surprise a lot of people going into the movie.


Overall grade: 4/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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