Jason Blum now has interest in making a sequel to the cult classic Halloween 3: Season of The Witch

One of the more debated films in horror franchise history, that pissed off fans at the time and rightfully so. It was named Halloween 3 and there was no Michael Myers involved at all.

At first like everyone else Blum expressed no interest in making a sequel to Halloween 3, in recent years in the horror community it has been re-examined as a stand-alone film in the franchise and since then has found a favorable cult following. However, there are still some that despise it.

I am on board with saying if you took Halloween out of the title a lot more people will be open to enjoying this film like so many of us do.

Here’s what Jason Blum said in a recent interview with Scare Magazine on his thoughts on Tommy Lee Wallace’s hidden gem. “I have ideas for that… things we’d like to do, ideas where we’d take it. I’d love to do something with Season of the Witch, for sure.”

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