Lamb Review: Poetic imagery

Occasionally, a movie comes along that moves across the screen as image poetry. This year that movie is A24’s Lamb.

Starring Noomi Rappace in the leading role, as she has been typecast as a comedic actress as of late. This role is driven by a demanding dramatic performance, that goes against her newest Netflix film ‘The Trip’ Noomi is probably one of my favorite actresses right now. She is surely not getting the love she deserves, hopefully with Lamb and The Trip she will begin to get recognized for being more than the original Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.

The movie itself is hard to explain without giving any spoilers, however, I remember listening to this podcast called Medical Mysteries, where a couple would try to convince people, they were giving birth to animals and I believed that was going to be the case with Lamb, especially after the weird and off-beat trailer A24 used for marketing. A24 are notorious when it comes to false advertising what their movies are about. If I were you, I would go in as blind as I possibly can into Lamb, it will work out in the long run. 

The pacing is typical for an A24 production, it is slow and methodical, but it gets the job done at the end of the day. I mean how fun could it possibly be to watch farmers over several days. Lamb is not the masterpiece that fans may have been wanting from A24 after all the festival hype circulating recently after Fantastic Fest and others. It did not hit the nail in the coffin for me, especially in the third act, the ending left me feeling cold to the characters other than Noomi’s. That big reveal at the end will almost want you having a sequel or at least more explanation behind it.

In Conclusion Lamb is a solid film to watch, I don’t know if it is worthy on taking the risk to the theaters right now, but if you can find it at a drive-in have at it! There seems to be quite a few plot holes within the story that doesn’t add up for the money shot. Other than that, the performances are solid enough to keep you interested throughout the entirety of the film. 

Overall grade: 3/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar

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