Fantastic Fest 2021 Interview with Tom Putnam for United States of Insanity

We were lucky enough to do a couple of interviews for Fantastic Fest 2021, this interview is with director Tom Putnam who directed the highly anticipated Insane Clown Posse Documentary United States of Insanity, about the duo going against the FBI labeling their entire fanbase a gang. Tom was a champion talking to us about his experience with Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope over a 7-year time.

AJ: Tom, thank you for joining us at Infamous Horrors today. This must have been a wild ride following ICP through this watching it all unfold.

Tom: *laughs* Yeah, it was a lot. I could tell you which Faygo flavors do stain, and which ones do not. Also, which ATF agents are the meanest, you know we got into not knowing court cases take a long time and this is still going on. 

AJ: I’ve been a Juggalo since I was 15 and I am 31 years old now, so it’s not like I am going in biased to this movie at all. 

Tom: Oh wow, no not at all. 

AJ: It was like having a trip down memory lane, watching all this concert footage and interviews with all these Juggalos across the world. If there was anything you wanted audience members to take away from this documentary, what would it be?

Tom: I think it’s a fun subject that people know about yet poke fun at, it also works as a horror movie knowing that an unnamed person alone in a room can make this decision and people get put on a gang list. Once the government decides that it’s almost impossible to overturn it no matter how much money you have behind you. People start losing custody and jobs over the fact they are fans of ICP. These fans are like horror movie fans, because going to an ICP concert is like watching an Evil Dead movie. So, where does this stop for fans of specific films, or of teams like Raider fans. It’s a scary road to go down. 

AJ: And when you get introduced to ICP you also get introduced to this sub-division of ‘real horrorcore’ so you must have got introduced to a lot over your time with ICP as well. What I’m getting at here is you must have met so many of those fans as well and they are the nicest people you meet, which is shocking because of the music we listen to and drive around listening to with our friends. 

Tom: Now that people are seeing the film they are looking down at the fans and ICP and now they’re getting into it because of the in-depth look into the community now I hope people will want to look into the community with an open eye. 

AJ: Going back to the Evil Dead and ICP connection, the Evil Dead was made by a group of college buddies on a DIY budget and ICP was the same thing going back to Inner City Posse and Basement Cuts and Dog Beats and who knew a group of kids from Detroit would make it this big.

Tom: That’s the amazing thing they built this empire that any musicians would die for, it’s the American dream that people don’t realize about ICP. They made Dog Beats and we went to that tree on the cover, and they still hang out there and it’s amazing to see what they’ve been able to do and sharing their experiences and speaking to people and how it helps people because they also had tough times growing up. 

AJ: Well, thank you again Tom for joining us, congratulations on the United States of Insanity.

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