[Review] V/H/S 94: Violence, Terror & Gore

How can I start? I am a big fan of the fhe first two movies. Third one, not so much. After seeing the trailer for V/H/S 94, I was happy to see that the idea of finding disturbing tapes was back. The tapes were something else, with a bunch of violence, gore & scary moments.

In the first tape ‘Storm Drain’, directed by Chloe Okuno, we follow a news reporter hoping to uncover the secrets behind an urban legend about the ‘rat man’, a creature that people started seeing at night in the city. Some people have also mysteriously disapeared. This tape is personally my favorite of the whole movie. It was scary, it was bloody, it was nerve wracking. This one is the true definition of Short & Sweet.

The second tape ‘The Empty Wakes’ from the writer of You’re Next, Blair Witch, and The Guest, is about a woman that is working in a funeral complexe and is in the last preps for the next day’s ceremony. A couple of minutes after it first started, all the lights closes. That’s when the real things starts. She hears some noises coming from the casket. She decides to leave but the main doors are chained. When she comes back, the casket is open. This tape was something simple but yet, very effective. I loved it.

Third tape ‘The Subject’ is about a crazy doctor that is trying to create human/robots machine. Another simple but yet crazy idea. It’s a very good tape however, it was way, way, way too long before it starts. You could have cut 10 mins and it would still work very well. When you finally understand everything, it gets crazy. This is the most violent tape of the movie. If you like gore, you’ll be served.

The final tapes is about a violent militia aiming to overthrow the government by channeling a supernatural entity. This is another great tape. But again, like ‘The Subject’, it was way too long before it starts. This one is the toughest to understand & the monster is scary as hell.


I was so excited and had high expectations for this one and it lived up to the hype. All tapes were very good, violent, with so much gore and creepyness. The first 2 tapes were the best of the movie and the last two were still great, but way too long.

Rating: 8.5/10

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