Best of what we saw at Fantastic Fest 2021

For the second year we were lucky enough to check out some films at this years Fantastic Fest and we will be giving you a quick summary of the best films we saw during the press, now we only covered it remotely so we did not see Titane or Lamb.

United States of Insanity was probably my favorite thing about Fantastic Fest, I was not expecting to get an immersive definitive documentary about the Insane Clown Posse’s fight against the FBI and it was brilliant.

Mad God was also another one that took my breath away a retro silent film in form of stop animation from a mastermind director Phil Tippet.

Knocking another home run production from Yellow Veil Pictures, a cult classic in the making non stop psychological horror among the lines of someone loosing their mind through repeated knocking that she can never seem to find where it comes from.

Who Killed the KLF: An excellent music documentary about an obscure band that used samples to get huge, a must-see for music fans.

Homebound: A Spooky atmospheric UK film that is similar in tone to The Turning of The Screw tales that’s been told in US cinema for decades.

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