The Addams Family 2 Review

The Addams Family was released back in 2019 as a rebooted animated film for families. While the first Addams Family wasn’t particularly a great reboot it’s heart was in the right place. Now in 2021 we have The Addams Family 2 and we discover if it’s any better.

The voice acting by the cast including Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac, Chole Grace Moretz, and Nick Kroll are terrific in their respective roles. The problem with the two installments in the reboots has been the writing, it’s all formulaic and has a been there done that a million times vibe.

Chole Grace Moretz’s Wednesday Addams in this installment is having the teenage angst and is feeling smarter than her entire family and everyone around her. Chloe is perfectly cast as Wednesday Addams, her comedic timing is impeccable with her voice over delivery.

Yet, we still feel that we as audiences have seen this story told time and time again, it’s the old saying “Same story, different cast” and it’s on full display here in The Addams Family 2, we do have an excellent new addition to the voice in Bill Hader.

Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron are as lovable as always together in The Addams Family. There are also plenty of laugh out loud moments throughout the film even if it’s for a younger crowd. If there is The Addams Family 3 I hope the writing gets better and it doesn’t feel like we have been there on the journey a million times.

Overall grade: 2.5/5 stars

Written by: AJ Friar

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