Homebound(Fantastic Fest 2021) Review

Synopsis: Holly’s excited to finally meet fiancé Richard’s three children for the first time at a birthday celebration for his youngest. Taking place at his ex-wife’s secluded home in the English countryside, Holly is nervous at the proposition of being a stepmom and eager to make a good impression on the children and his ex. However, when they arrive, circumstances are far from ideal.

Homebound is a thrilling new psychological horror film to come from this year’s Fantastic Fest. It will remind you of movies with similar tones such as The Other’s and the Netflix series Haunting on Hill House. The atmosphere is definitely a moody one here in Homebound.

This is one of those horror films a lot of people may not like because it is a talkative one and not a lot of jump scares and action involved, however, it’s a film I found myself enjoying because it didn’t a whole lot of tricks to get your attention.

You have to feel for Holly in this movie and this situation she is put in by Richard who is a real dick in this movie, Aisling is an amazing actress in Homebound. I do think people are rather going to get a whole lot out of this movie or absolutely hate it like I see so many with A24 movies.

Overall grade: 3/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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