Mad God(Fantastic Fest 2021) Review

Synopsis: Follow The Assassin through a forbidding world of tortured souls, decrepit bunkers, and wretched monstrosities forged from the most primordial horrors of the subconscious mind. Every set, creature, and effigy in this macabre masterpiece is hand-crafted and painstakingly animated using traditional stop-motion techniques. MAD GOD is a labor of love, a testament to the power of creative grit, and an homage to the timeless art of stop-motion animation. Ready your eyes. Ready your spirit. Prepare to meet your maker.

Mad God works as a stop animation silent film, as odd as that sounds it is experimental to the fullest extent of the term experimental film. If you remember the little-seen animated classic film called ‘9’ Mad God is very similar to that in its tone. Phil Tippett is a true thespian of the filmmaking process, and it shows how he approaches the style of Mad God.

The animation within Mad God is a wonder, yet also one out of a nightmare. One can point to a lot of things you would have seen in the ’90s world of horror video games Phil shows the industry how cool stop animation can be if used correctly, the audiences do not always need a big-budgeted animated movie. Often when we see the ‘90s animated stuff get rebooted for this generation it somehow gets worse.

However, I do believe that a lot of people will truly enjoy the madness in the method when it comes to the making of Mad God, it is a refreshing take on filmmaking that has been lacking for a long time.

Overall Grade: 3/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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