Prisoners of The Ghostland review: On videos on demand September 17th 2021

Nicolas Cage has been the main guy for pseudo nutso roles for decades now, even going back to Vampires Kiss.

Prisoners of The Ghostland is a movie I was rooting for, one I wanted to love. However, this one didn’t do much for me except for the visual spectacle that was insane and made it feel as if it were an Eastern-Western. That I give kudos to the masterminds behind POTG, because it was unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Nicolas Cage does his thing here in spades of course it’s what we’ve come to expect from Nicolas Cage, kinda like why LeBron never wins MVP anymore it’s just something we expect. The direction from Sion Sono is spectacular as well. While I didn’t love this film, it had plenty going for it.

For instance Bill Moseley is the man to watch in Prisoners of The Ghostland his turn in a supporting role after Rob Zombies trilogy is something worth watching. Remember Bill was also in Army of Darkness. Bill proves to us once again why he is a movie star.

Overall Grade: 2/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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