Copshop Review: In theaters September 17th

Occasionally, we have a movie that looks awesome from the trailer but you’re still cautiously optimistic how it will play out.

Copshop is one of those movies that plays like a retro vibe to Lethal Weapon type films including an all star cast with Frank Grillo and Gerard Butler in familiar roles. Though they were both solid Frank’s recent team up with Joe for the Hulu movie Boss Level, Frank delivers more of the same goods here in Copshop.

Alexis Louder as Valerie is the real standout stealing scenes from both Frank and Gerard both dominating the screen and her dialogue going toe to toe with other bad ass female heroes such as Ripley in a cop uniform basically is what you get with Alexis’ character. It’s refreshing to see a cop as a hero in any movie made for modern audiences.  

Toby Huss, however, may be the second-best part of Copshop behind Alexis. His chewing of the scenery is perfect mixing the terrifying madness with the insanity of the situation unfolding will remind you of a demented serial killer on the screen. While Copshop is not horror it will be perfect for our audience members being a kickass genre film that will remind you of 80’s John Carpenter films. Also, Copshop also has plenty of witty dialogue to boot. 

Overall grade: 4/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar

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