The Voyeurs review- a sexy thriller romp, now on Amazon Prime

The Voyeurs is an interesting take on 90’s teen steamy thrillers made for the tik tok and Twitter world of the 2020’s. It’s not as great as Cruel Intentions but it’s in the same lane.

Justice Smith finally has a role that’s not annoying and underwritten for him, as Detective Pikachu was almost a complete misfire. Justice has terrific chemistry with Sydnee Sweeney, they play a decent couple looking for some excitement in their seemingly dull relationship. Think of The Voyeurs as Disturbia meets Cruel Intentions.

Ben Hardy is a charismatic terrifying force as Seb the photographer next door who does erotic shoots that neighbors Thomas and Pippa spy on and do a bad lip reading narrative on what they believe is going on. Little do they know there’s a much more sinister plot brewing down the street.

If you’re aware of films like Cruel Intentions you can already tell the ending from the first act of The Voyeur however, if you leave your brain and criticism at the door you may find yourself having a decent enough time with this flick.

Overall grade: 2.5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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