Malignant Review-a stunning horror now in Theaters and HBO Max

You ever heard the saying it’s best to go into this kinda movie blind and knowing as little as possible? Malignant is a perfect example of one of those horror movie that works as a homage towards 70s and 80s Giallo’s.

Malignant throws you in the action within the first ten minutes and never lets go, I’m a fan of both jump scares and slow burns with psychological elements. James Wan is one that can do it both in the same movie and that is why he is the master of modern horror. I can’t say enough about his filmmaking capabilities.

Annabelle Wallis(Peaky Blinders, Tag) is magnificent as Maddison which should land her more leading roles. I for one would love a prequel to Malignant focusing on young Maddison played by Mckenna Grace(Gifted, I, Tonya) who only has a little bit of screen time in Malignant but a prequel could be special.

George Young is also likable in Malignant playing it straight and full of charisma. James Wan is always terrific at getting performances from actors. Starting way back when he directed Saw and Malignant is another exercise in masterful storytelling. I already want to watch it again. Quite possibly the fastest two hours a horror movie will see this year.

Overall grade: 5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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