The Dead Zone Blu-Ray review

The Dead Zone is an all-time fan favorite of fans of Stephen King. It has resonated still till this day. With outstanding performances. Now we have a collector’s edition of Shout! Factory that features a remastered original negative which is staggeringly breathtaking to look at especially if you have a giant tv like I do, its like watching a brand-new film.

Christopher Walken is at all time high in The Dead Zone with his performance. He has fallen off the map the past decade or so, but the 1990’s was peak Walken and it shows here and Pulp Fiction following a few years later. Some may even say Stephen King predicted the future of politics with the character Greg Stillson played by legendary Martin Sheen.

This is also a much more nuanced film for David Cronenberg to direct, who has also had his fair share of failures in the 2010’s. When I last watched this as a teenager in high school, I didn’t know what to exactly think of The Dead Zone. However, watching it now as an adult and realizing a little bit more about politics. It’s a terrifying experience that is still a masterpiece and requires multiple watches and Shout! Factory’s release reminds us of how terrific it is.

The sound and picture are another knockout from Shout Factory, they always do a tremendous job with the sound transfer but here the picture is also solid.

Written By: AJ Friar

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