NFF Reveals Programming Preview, Releases Limited VIP Badges

We got news today from our good friend Jason Tostevin that the programming for Nightmare Film Festival has been released.

Here are some of the exciting things to come

  • The world premiere of The FP 3 — Jason Trost’s most ambitious film yet
  • Premiere screenings of features from new voices, including Epstein chiller The Scary of Sixty-First with director Dasha Nekrasova attending
  • A 35mm screening with live orchestral accompaniment of James Quinn’s newest brain-breaker, Ivory Wave
  • Live recording of the award-winning horror podcast Fright Club

I for one am pumped for The FP 3, The FP franchise has been an over-the-top drive-in throwback filmmaking extravaganza.

That’s all we have for news for today but Jason and the NFF proves to be one of the best horror festivals on the market.

Written By: AJ Friar

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