No Man Of God Review

No Man of God is one of the better Ted Bundy movies to come out in recent times. It features a transformative Luke Kirby as the titular character Ted Bundy where he makes everything we know about Ted Bundy truly unsettling.

Elijah Wood has become much more of a producer over the past decade and after his big studio films such as Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Ring’s trilogy. He should be where Jason Blum is as a producer in the mainstream’s eye. He has consistently produced hit after hit.

In No Man of God Elijah Wood,is much more comfortable in his role as the supporting character to Luke Kirby and has amazing chemistry with Luke Kirby, which makes for a tension filled intimate thriller that works to the independent budgets advantage. The only disadvantage that No Man of God suffers from is that many will be bored from it being primarily in one setting and just having Ted Bundy and Bill Hagmaier talking rather than seeing a lot of action. It is elevated in that way.

Robert Patrick shows up in a nice role of Roger Depue the boss to Elijah Wood’s Bill Hamaier and it is always a pleasure to see Robert Patrick on screen. However, previously mentioned Elijah has made producing much more of his priority as of late. No man of God is also produced by Elijah Wood’s production company Spectrevision which is known for starting Nicolas Cage’s comeback to the horror genre with Mandy and The Color from out of Space. 

If you are a true crime nut and a huge fan of Spectrevision like I am you will truly enjoy No Man of God. 

Overall grade: 4/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar

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