Interview with Staci Layne Wilson and other authors for Rock and Roll Nightmares anthology series

We at Infamous Horrors recently got the chance to interview some up-and-coming book authors for a collection of short stories they wrote in a groovy series of music inspired horror stories. Thanks goes to Staci for setting this up.

AJ: Well, first off, thank you all for joining me today. Staci, the first question is for you. How did you come up with this book idea of having these anthology stories all put together? 

Staci: Well, the idea came about from mixing horror and rock together two genres that I love dearly. Connecting the two with the movies I have written and directed. 

AJ: Right, Rock and Roll and horror have always meshed up so well together. Rather it be Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, The Insane Clown Posse… It’s cool to see this genre mixed in this anthology series as well. 

AJ: This question is for everyone who is involved in this series. What inspired you to do the stories that you chose to write? 

Graydon: Well, for me. It was simple, I played with the titles and from the titles came the stories I came up writing.

LeeAnne:  I had a personal background in music. There were times we couldn’t have people to come to the concert and sell the merchandise and it sounded fun for me to tell a story from the merch girl’s point of view. 

Oolong: I came in the game late; Staci was nice enough to give me a few concepts and the story about the girl playing with the Ouija board compelled me and it was fun to write it. 

Staci: Yeah, you knocked it out of the park. I didn’t have to do any re-writes or anything. 

AJ: That had to be a great note, not to re-write anything. 

Staci: Yeah, I did this handpicked. Which is better for me to do, rather than you know, just doing an open call online. That way I can jell with my personality. 

AJ: Staci, piggybacking on what you mentioned about handpicking everyone for this anthology. How did that process come about? 

Staci: Everyone I approached said yes, except for one that had too much going on now. If I did have the chance to pick every writer I loved, I would have about 500 short stories in this book. I had to narrow it down. If I had the opportunity to do more editions, like a 90’s edition then maybe, I can pick more authors. 

AJ: How did you come about choosing the decades of the books? One was the 60’s and 70’s. 

Staci: My sensibility when it came to picking the music, came down to the electric guitar. That’s how I chose which decades to do because the electric guitar did not come to play till the 60’s. 

AJ: This is for everyone involved, how did you all get involved in being an author? 

LeeAnne: The logistic supervisor is where I met Dr. Oolong and we wrote three romance novels together. Their spooky romance novels. I had been writing before that, but I had not had anything before. I also got into audiobooks 

Graydon: I am sort of the baby writer of the group. I always enjoyed writing, but I have been mostly writing poetry. Then I got into narrating audiobooks, one day I just did not want to deal with it. I just wrote a story for an anthology and got involved with it that way. For years my writing was focused on legal cases, which is a tremendous amount of writing. 

AJ: Staci, how about you? I see you all over the place on facebook, with your movie reviews and promoting the books you have edited and written online. 

Staci: I fell into this because my mother was a writer and author. She went on to write a bunch of novels, she mainly wrote romance novels. It gave me the bug to get into the freelance writing world that I am in now. My first books were published in the early 2000’s then I transformed my way into entertainment reporting and set the books aside for a long time. I only recently got back into books about 4 or 5 years ago. 

AJ: This is for everyone too, what are the upcoming projects you all are working on? 

Graydon: Is it okay for me to spill the beans on this? 

Staci: Please do. 

Graydon: I mentioned that I am an audiobook narrator. Right now, before this interview records and after me and LeeAnne are working on the adaptation of the 70s edition of the Rock and Roll nightmares for the audiobook, which is going to be cool to do.

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