The Night House Review – A Haunting luxury

The Night House turns out to be the biggest surprise of genre films this summer, almost working as an homage to Universal’s Classic Monsters era. The trailer is off-putting, making it look as if it were a typical fright fare at the movies.

Luckily, The Night House is smarter than it appears on paper. It features a terrific Rebecca Hall(Christin, The Gift) who happens to be one of the more underrated actresses of our time right now. She proves it here again in a demanding role that is more than a typical scream queen role.

When I brought up the Universal Monster era before, when I was watching The Night House, I could not help but to think of The Invisible Man, as it’s similar in its nature and tone. As Beth is living in a house alone that was built for her by her husband, who happens to off himself. Beth than behind noticing something sinister going on in the house, As she finds out her husband may still be haunting the house.


This film is an essential look at atmospheric horror making a comeback to the big screen, where it is meant to be seen with a huge crowd in a dark room filled with tension. The visual effects are special in The Night House as well. It’s a truly captivating horror film that deserves to be seen.


Overall grade: 4/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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