Baby Don’t Cry(Fantasia International Film Festival 2021) Review

Synopsis: Baby, a withdrawn and sensitive 17-year-old Chinese immigrant from a troubled home, is living in the outskirts of Seattle. One day, she meets a 20-year-old delinquent named Fox. Together they embark on a twisted journey to escape their hopeless fate.

Baby Donny Cry is a hint of ‘Kids’ and ‘Mid 90s’ if that sounds up your alley then you should find Baby Don’t Cry a good time. It’s an interesting time we live in nowadays. A few years ago I don’t think a film like Baby Don’t Cry could have gotten made.

Thanks to The Farewell and Minari, we found out there a whole lot of people wanting to see more films like ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ while Baby Don’t Cry is not an equal caliber as those other mentioned films. It is a great addition to the independent scene.

The performances are solid from the main cast in an emotionally driven way that will captivate its audience.

2.5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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