Angela Sarafyan interview for King Knight

Last week we got to sit down with one of the stars of the new Richard Bates Jr. movie King Knight Amanda Sarafyan, hope you enjoy the interview.

AJ: Hey Angela, thanks for joining us today.

Angela: Yeah, thank you so much for having me.

AJ: How did you get involved with King Knight?

Angela: Well, I had gotten the script from my agent and it went from there. Before I had gotten the script, I did not know any of Richard Bate’s stuff. Then I sat down and watched some and this is so different from his other stuff, I was excited to be a part of it.

AJ: Yeah, I got this movie and was like “Wait, is this Richard Bate’s directing this? Did they send me the wrong credits” lol.

AJ: Also, how was it like working with Matthew Gray Gubler? The chemistry you two had was seamless and felt like you two grew up together.

Angela: Yeah, he was terrific and we did not rehearse at all, so that was amazing you felt that way with us and watching it.

AJ: Then you got Andy Milonakis on set as well, when I was a kid I remember his tv show being extremely popular, so how was he on set?

Angela: Oh my goodness, he was so sweet. The way you see him in the movie is compelling and he was like that in real life as well. Such a sweet and nice guy it was awesome working with him as well.

AJ: How did you and the cast respond when you got news this would debut at Fantasia?

Angela: For me I had to research Fantasia, because I am not a part of the world like some of the other cast was, then when I found out what it was all about I became excited and it sucks I have to zoom in to the premiere but it’s fantastic that it’s playing at such a wonderful festival.

AJ: Well, Angela thanks again for joining us and congratulations on King Knight.

Written by AJ Friar

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