Meet The Blacks 2: The House Next Door Blu- Ray review- requires multiple cocktails to view

Nowadays, satires are hard to sell or to land. Meet The Blacks franchise is no different and is already beating a dead horse after the first act of the original Meet The Blacks. However, at least he first Meet The Blacks is so bad it’s funny kinda way. Where The House Next Door is so stale and soulless, you’d wonder how this even made it to theaters even in a pandemic.

Mike Epps is a great comedian, however he is the epitome of the old Mitch Hedberg joke Hey when studios come to you like “Hey you’re great at stand up so you wanna Star in a movie?” It’s like going to a farmer and saying “Hey you’re a farmer, cook this run this kitchen”. Sometimes he does not fit well as a leading man, he was great in the scene he had in The Hangover and in small doses. He should be a Razzie front runner for this sequel.

There are no likable characters in Meet The Blacks 2, the one I would say is remotely trying here is Cronut being played again by Lil Duval. Zulay Henao and Bresha Webb continue to show they’re horrible actresses.

The sound transfer for the Blu-Ray in stunning DTS 5.1 surround sound is the only highlight of the Blu-Ray release of Meet The Blacks 2.

Overall grade: 1/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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