AJ Bowen interview for Night Drive

AJ Bowen joined us at Infamous Horrors to be interviewed by AJ Friar and we had a giggle at that being an interview by AJ and interviewing an AJ it was fun to say the least at the beginning of the interview. It was a fun time to interact with a celebrity in the independent horror genre for a long time that I went to see ‘You’re Next’ with a high school best friend and being upset at the time because there were some children in the showing but now at this point being in the horror community you find out that was a way kids are introduced to the genre and love that was a possibility for them as well. When you were there opening night. Shout out to you to Andy for being with me! Night Drive is now out on VOD.

AJ: So, AJ *laughs* How did you become involved with Night Drive?

AJ Bowen: Well, it all came about because, is these are guys I worked with before we made a movie called Dead Night and we met through our mutual friend who made “John Dies At The End” and Megan was the editor on that and we got to meet each other a bit and we always talked about making a project together and that’s how Night Drive came about because we all got together and talked about us in a DIY project and that’s how we got together and known each other was an ideal situation for Night Drive.

AJ Friar: Yeah, yeah. I was going to say this was very a DIY approach to this project with it being very intimate. Being a DIY project and being a science fiction project being it till the end with you and the actress till the end. So, how did you respond to that aspect when you read the script the first time?

AJ Bowen: When I got the script, I didn’t know about the plot twists on it I got it and it was described as a millennial and a Gen-X thing and there was many, and we got many of that back and forth between us and it was cool chemistry between us. When I saw the dialogue from the movie, I understood immediately that what the movie was its own thing, was it horror? Well, no, was it comedy, no, but it made it challenging to sell because it did not fit in one box.

AJ Friar: A lot of genre fans do not like, when you mix a lot of different genres together. So how was that like mixing all this together.

AJ Bowen: Horror, is something I did not just fall into either. I went to this camp when I was a kid, when we went to scout camp and they had just wrapped Jason Lives and I was madly hooked and I just wanted to do it instantly and been attracted to elevated horror, and I do not even know what that word means. The more appropriate way to describe it is that does not run away from its message or point of view.

AJ Friar: I am glad you brought up the phrase “Elevated horror” because it used to be Psychological Thriller, and now its noted as Elevated.

AJ Bowen: And its such a rude term laughs “This is not your mom’s horror” laughs this is for thinking people. People die scary stuff happens. Then I started hearing people refer to it as mumblecore and it makes us look like we do not know what we are doing. None of the people that are making it calls it these things.

Written By: AJ Friar

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