Top five anticipated movies at Fantasia International Film Festival

We are so excited to be covering Fantasia for the third year in a row at Infamous Horrors and with our anticipation we are going to give you a list of the five films we anticipate the most.

1) The Suicide Squad- a surprise to many when this was announced to screen at Fantasia and with James Gunn return to the director chair in what should be a batshit comic book adaptation yet again were beyond pumped here.

2) Prisoners Of The Ghostland, Nicolas Cage always will have my attention rather it be an Oscar Worthy ‘Pig’ or a Razzie worthy movie like ‘Jiu Jitsu’ we cannot wait to see what his antics brings us here at Fantasia.

3) The Deep House- what sounds to be like a haunted house flick underwater it should be exciting talk about a plot that sounds like it can take your breath away.

4) Broadcast Signal Intrusion- this was playing at another festival I was covering, somehow I missed it,

5)Alien on Stage- Remember that heartwarming story about a school putting the iconic horror classic on stage? This is the documentary about how it all happened.

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