Harry Greenberger interview for Here After

We got a chance to sit down with Harry Greenberger the director of the new romantic comedy with an afterlife twist called Here After starring Christina Ricci in one of her best roles in a very long time.

AJ: Harry man, thank you so much for joining us at Infamous Horrors today- first things first, how did Here After come about?

Harry Greenberger: Ah man, it all came after I was in a break up situation with a lot of people including family and friends telling me to put myself back there again. It’s a tough task to do that after a break-up, especially knowing that person you meet is not going to be getting the best version of yourself so this idea came to me like what if this is what it’s like in the afterlife.

AJ: Yeah, it’s kinda like the ‘Chasing Amy’ effect.

Harry Greenberger: Exactly, yeah.

AJ: How was it like getting Christina on board for this? She is a genre in her own right amongst fans so that had to be special.

Harry Greenberger: Oh yeah, absolutely it was a blast having her on set with everyone. I worked on a small project with her 21 years or so ago when she was just a kid actor. Having her on this was kinda full circle as well. She is such a pro and brought her A-game into her character.

AJ: Also, same question with the male lead because this kinda falls on him, if he’s not believable or likable this movie could fall on its face. How was it like picking him?

Harry Greenberger: Yeah, yeah um, Andy Karl is the guy you’re thinking of. It was one of the producers that showed me to him. He took me to see his play version of Groundhog Day and that already had a similar vibe to this movie so after that it was easy to cast him in the lead.

AJ: Yeah, I can see that- I was gonna say he reminded me of a young Jerry O’Connell in this as well.

Harry Greenberger: Yeah I can see that.

AJ: Also the casting choice for the clairvoyant… Well, I don’t know if I would necessarily call her a clairvoyant or a psychic that can see the dead people. How was casting her like?

Harry Greenberger: Nora was amazing to have as Honey Bee, she played the part perfect because that’s another part I had to get right for the audience to care about and I think we both nailed it.

AJ: well once again thank you so much for joining us today it’s been really fun.

Written By: AJ Friar

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