Infamous Horrors Does Shark Week

We at Infamous Horrors were lucky enough to cover Shark Week via Discovery+ this week and it was a blast, pure entertainment along with being informative. We saw plenty of A-List celebrities and legends join this week including Eli Roth, William Shatner, the members of Jackass, Brad Paisley, J.B. Smoove, and Tiffany Haddish. We will be doing a ranking and a semi review on each of the Shark Week specials we were able to cover.

First off, we already reviewed Eli Roth’s masterful ‘Fin’ in full detail, however, it needs to be seen by a vast majority of people to recognized on how great it is. Eli is at his most vulnerable in Fin bringing the audience to the darker side of Fin trading in the black market. It is a shocker that will have you speechless for days. 

Jackass Does Shark Week was one of the best Shark Week had to offer, the funniest and most entertaining. Johnny Knoxville brings you right back to your childhood nostalgia with the crew of Jackass with newcomers Poopies and Jasper (the scene stealer), it was a total blast to see them interact with the shark’s along with scientist Craig, it was truly a match made in heaven.

Brad Paisley’s Shark Country is an enduring look at how sharks react to noise including music being performed by you guessed it… Brad himself and other sounds that the sharks do not appreciate that much. J.B. Smoove is awesome in this special as well… P.S. We need more Curb Your Enthusiasm in our lives. 

Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek is very much a tongue in cheek special episode with William Shatner telling the host “Please no Star Trek references” which could get overplayed a little bit here and there. However, while not the best special of the bunch it is still in the enduring tradition of Shark Week of conquering fear of sharks of what you may think of sharks to begin with. They do that here with William Shatner and you almost feel what Mr. Shatner is something special to see. 

The Real Sharknado is the weakest out of the bunch of what we covered in Shark Week, at least in my opinion it was cringe-worthy to watch Tara Reid even as herself is hard to watch playing this episode over-the-top, her co-star however, tried to keep the special grounded enough to make it watchable, I will say this, I was never a big fan of Sharknado or those SYFY creature features that are bonkers. If I was, I may have found myself enjoying this more than I did.

Written By: AJ Friar

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