Pig Review- Nicholas Cage at his finest


Pig is being advertised as Nicholas Cage’s ‘John Wick’ with a truffle hunting pig, however this where the revolution will not be televised. Pig is much deeper than a shoot em’ up ‘John Wick’ with a pig. I do not think many actors other than Nicholas Cage could have pulled this performance off this late into their career as we reach the twilight of Nic’s career where he has been fantastic in stuff like ‘Mandy’ and ‘Colour out of Space’ however, for those roles there is something like Jiu Jitsu that will remind us he will take just about any role thrown his way.

He is far behind his ‘Bangkok Dangerous’ days as he delivers a subtle character driven performance that will make fans of ‘The Weather Man’ and ‘Adaptation’ proud, more so along the lines of Adaptation. It’s a breathtaking subtle film that will make you take notice of its director Michael Sarnoski who should be an up and coming director to watch.

Alex Wolff(My Friend Dahmer, Old, and Hereditary) gives a toe to toe breakout performance in a leading supporting role that finally has some teeth that he can chew into as an actor showcasing his range in this beautifully demanding written role that steals just about every scene from Nicholas Cage. His performance in this has me excited to see what he can do in ‘Old’.

Overall Pig is not the ‘John Wick’ with a pig that the trailer is leading you on to believe, however it is one Nicholas Cage’s best since the days of Adaptation and Mandy in a role that will remind us what he can do with a nuanced driven character.


Overall grade: 4/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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