Fin Review- A Masterclass in documentary filmmaking

Fin is a masterwork of suspense driven filmmaking in a documentary that you have to see to believe. When the hype train for Fin was coming out that this was Eli Roth’s scariest film to date, I admit I chuckled at the thought of a documentary being his scariest film. However, Lionsgate and Discovery+ has a home-run here and fans of Shark Week and newbies to the scene should be very pleased.


This is the first piece of entertainment I have watched from Shark Week in all my life, I gotta say this emotionally wrecked my soul watching Eli care for the sharks like he does, I eat a ton of fish as well and I just gotten into Catfish- I may have to change my stance on that. If you think a documentary will not effect you or make you ugly cry inside, well let me introduce you to Fin.


This is the powerful driven price of filmmaking Eli was shooting for when he made The Green Inferno and came up short while making a homage to Cannibal films in today’s Cancel Culture world which may have been ahead of its time at the time of release. Fin never misses a beat with its suspense and emotional message about saving the sharks, it works exquisitely well. Hopefully one day we can see this released on the big screen.


Overall grade: 5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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